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Frsky XSR + XJT Binding Problems
« Gepost op: mei 08, 2016, 21:52 »
Lads and Ladies,

I recently upgraded my Radio transmitter and receiver to a Frsky XSR and a Turnigy 9XR Pro with a Frsky XJT module.
Unfortunately, they do not seem to want to bind to one another and I have no idea why...

The XSR only shows a SOLID green and red light when I connect it to a power source and hold down the bind button, otherwise if I just plug it in the red light flashes. The manual says that during binding there should be a flashing red light and a solid green light but I have tried many times and I cannot get this combination; only solid green and red lights together and no binding.   

From what I have found out, there could be some software/firmware issues between the module and the XSR with the D16_EU; however, this doesn't explain why the XSR doesn't seem able to enter binding mode when I press the button before and during connecting it to a power source.

Any help would be very very much appreciated!


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Re: Frsky XSR + XJT Binding Problems
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: mei 09, 2016, 14:11 »
Hi, the flashing red light means that binding was successful. So if yours does not flash it did not bind. Red and Green solid is binding mode


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